On Graduating And Pursuing The Unknown

July 05, 2020

A few weeks ago, I graduated Hopkins with degrees in Computer Science and Economics. Usually by the time I get to the end of that sentence, one question lingers on people’s minds: why study Computer Science or Economics at a school famous for medicine?


Applied Chemistry

July 22, 2017

Double posting for tonight because I just got distracted by chemistry! In this blog post I will attempt to apply the laws of chemistry to real life in a literal experimentation with applied chemistry. (Sidenote: severe word vomiting ahead because it is kind of, really, late and I should be in bed right now but I have too many thoughts and wanted to jot them down before I forgot about them again. Sorry if it reads like an overexcited parent trying to give their children advice through CHEMISTRY it’s because that’s exactly what it is and you have been forewarned.)



March 23, 2017

I know– pi day was a week ago, or 8 days ago to be exact. But with 3(.14159?) midterms last week, I don’t think I had the chance to properly appreciate pi day. So I will try my best to do that today.



March 17, 2017

Now that my roommate’s gotten back to a healthy sleep schedule (guess who still hasn’t) I’ve decided maybe it is a better idea to record my disjointed thoughts here rather than bother said roomie during the late late hours of the night.