About Me

Hello hello! I'm Nancy, and I'm a senior at Johns Hopkins studying Computer Science and Economics. I'm a sister to a 12 year old, a residential advisor for freshmen, a current resident of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and most importantly, Mother Earth.

Through stargazing trips and hiking trails, my family taught me that our Earth is singlehandedly one of the most beautiful and priceless gifts bestowed to us. From an early age, the word "sustainability" took over my life and career, from small things like persuading my parents to use tote bags and buy water filters, to building compost bins at my high school and organizing the annual career fair for finding sustainability-related careers at Hopkins .

Coming to Baltimore, I've grown to see sustainability as not just an environmental principle, but also integral to social well-being. As a volunteer at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, I connect low-income patients with community resources including health insurance, food access, and employment. Johns Hopkins Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the world, yet I saw the failings of the medical system as patients came back sick because they were unable to afford food, or depressed because they were unable to provide for their family. It left me feeling anguished - and driven to do more.

I hope to one day use my skills towards breaking down socioeconomic barriers and expanding the accessibility of opportunity to all people. Mostly, though, I'm excited to see where life leads me and for all the people and adventures along the way. *Drop me a line if you want to chat - I'd love to get to know you!