Applied Chemistry

July 22, 2017

Double posting for tonight because I just got distracted by chemistry! In this blog post I will attempt to apply the laws of chemistry to real life in a literal experimentation with applied chemistry. (Sidenote: severe word vomiting ahead because it is kind of, really, late and I should be in bed right now but I have too many thoughts and wanted to jot them down before I forgot about them again. Sorry if it reads like an overexcited parent trying to give their children advice through CHEMISTRY it’s because that’s exactly what it is and you have been forewarned.)

  • Boyle’s Law: Either you exert a lot of pressure on a small volume, or you disseminate your pressure amongst a large volume; it’s sort of like the effort you can put in your projects. If you’re juggling too much, eventually the amount of effort you put into each activity will decrease even if not of your own volition.

  • Real gases and the kinetic molecular theory: So you know how the KMT says that gas molecules are mostly insignificant and don’t have any attractive/repulsive forces? I really like this one because I tend to think of humans like gas molecules, and if we remember that real gas molecules can have large volumes and attractive forces– well, so can we. So like water molecules we can form bonds and friendships, form a line of protestors at a march– when we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. And you bet hydrogen bonds are one of the strongest bonds out there.

  • 1st Law of Thermodynamics: The amount of energy you put in directly affects the output you produce. Or the things you achieve. Important.

  • Newton’s first law: I guess this is more physics but hey! Humans are made of millions and billions of particles that all presumably follow the law of inertia, so I can only assume we (and our brains) do too. So based on this, it’s a lot easier to form a positive habit if you continue doing it over and over.

  • Breaking bonds absorbs energy, forming bonds releases energy. Probably we are all guilty of disliking someone or another at any point in time… but love trumps hate. The friendships you make ultimately, and always, outweigh the grudges. And having too many grudges also probably takes away lots of your time.

That is all for now but no worries I will Cu (2+ am I right) later!